Gurneys are for emergencies, Brodas are for NEMT

Transporting people from one place to another can be difficult if they are unable to move by themselves and you don’t have the right tools. True to care is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company operating 24/7 in Maricopa County and all over the valley fully licensed and insured, and we have the tools and the experience to move you or your loved ones. We have over 5 years of experience in adult care and nursing industry and the Broda® Synthesis Chair is such tool to help. Its producers are set to revolutionize the way healthcare workers and transport providers can think of basic medical transport and we have been using the chair for transporting medical facilities residents to appointments or outings.

It is said that gurneys are for emergencies, Brodas are for NEMT because the Broda® Synthesis chair offers that a gurney does not:

  • Significantly increased safety for everyone (patients, transporter/transferer and company.)
  • Increased comfort and greater clinical benefits for passenger and patients.
  • Increased efficiency
  • 25% to 50% savings on payroll or out-sourced transports.
  • The amount of transfers is reduced increasing the overall comfort and safety for both the individual and the caregiver.

Since 95% of patients scheduled for a non-emergency gurney transport can sit up in a hospital bed, they can transport on the Broda® Synthesis chair. Why transport any other way?

As we already know, the Synthesis Transport Chair allows for safe patient transport in an accessible vehicle with the ability to keep the individual in the same chair for care and transport. The chair has been improving posture, breathing, feeding, and the overall comfort for our passengers.

Synthesis Transport Chair features:

  • Comfort Tension Seating®
  • Removable Height and Width Adjustable Upper Laterals (Wings)
  • Up to 40° Infinitely Adjustable Seat Tilt
  • Up to 90° Infinitely Adjustable Back Recline
  • Trendelenburg Capable
  • Height Adjustable, Swing Away Removable Arms
  • Elevating and Articulating Legrest
  • 2 x 5″ Total Lock Front Casters
  • 2 x 6″ Rear Multi-Directional Locking Casters
  • 350lb Weight Capacity