Trying All The New 2019 Wheelchair Technology

3 years ago Richard Corbett, who became paralyzed by a 50-foot fall and is now a YouTube vlogger who inspires wheelchair users through entertaining and helpful videos, went to Chicago Abilities Expo to try all the new wheelchair technology he could try in the limited time. Knowing which wheelchair is best for you will help you in many situations, especially when you travel. A fixed frame for a wheelchair is lighter than the frame designed for a folding wheelchair, and it helps you move faster and easier on ground. Both are ultralight chairs but the folding wheelchair is better for traveling by air.

In the era of the internet and IoT devices there are many cool devices that can be attached to your preferred wheelchair, with Android or iPhone applications connecting those devices to your smartphone and offering you lots and lots of information about what you have been doing recently, where have you go and how much effort have you done during the day while moving around.

The current wheelchairs can be customized for your specific height and weight, and some of them can simply help you move by touching them. Wheelchairs users may use more full-body vibrations than a crane operator each day and some designers try to lower that vibration as much as possible.

Anyway, True to Care is always here, 24/7, dedicated on helping people reach safe and on time to destination. We are a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company operating 24/7 in Maricopa County and all over the valley fully licensed and insured. That encompasses the cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, and Sun City and areas near them. With over 5 years of experience in adult care and nursing industry, we always provide quality transportation for our local customers and all people who visit Arizona.

By the way, if you want to visit the hills and mountains in our area you should know there is a mountain bike for the disabled. You may need some training before using such device, but the results will be, probably, remarkable.