Wheelchair transport from Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital

Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital’s Emergency Department is focused on treating patients with heart and cardiovascular conditions. When it opened in 1998, the hospital was the first hospital in the U.S. dedicated to heart disease, and it quickly became one of the world’s leading cardiac care centers. They focus on the heart, and their patients feel that experience when they walk in the doors.

True to Care is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company operating 24/7 in Maricopa County and all over the valley fully licensed and insured, including Mesa, Arizona. Among other services, we offer wheelchair friendly ride service that allows people with disabilities to get where they need to go, when they need to be there. Affordable transportation without sacrificing quality or comfort is one of our goals.

When Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital discharges you we are prepared to take you home or to another type of facility. Transferring acute patients quickly and efficiently between facilities can be difficult but True to Care offers complete care for all your transfers – in one call. We know how to get you safely and comfortably from one place to another, and we keep our fees affordable so you can more easily fit our services into your budget. Our min-vans are fully equipped to accommodate you and your wheelchair, and our friendly and professional staff are ready to help in any way. Preparing each ride is important, and we will ask if there is need for oxygen cylinders or any other special assistance that you require.

When you get to destination our drivers will help you get out of the vehicle and get into the building safe. All our staff is specially trained, CPR certified, defensive driving certified, hospice sensitivity certified, PASS certified, drug tested and background checked because we want to provide always the best services you can get.