How to safely transport your powered wheelchair

To ensure the safety of passengers, True to Care must meet a range of important Arizona requirements. We have a fleet of recent model, top-of-the-line, well equipped mini-vans, with heavy duty wheelchair hoists that can accommodate standard or oversized, bariatric, electric wheelchairs and scooters.

Trying All The New 2019 Wheelchair Technology

3 years ago Richard Corbett, who became paralyzed by a 50-foot fall and is now a YouTube vlogger who inspires wheelchair users through entertaining and helpful videos, went to Chicago Abilities Expo to try all the new wheelchair technology he could try in the limited time. Knowing which wheelchair is best for you will help you in many situations, especially when you travel.

Types of medical transportation service

The Non-emergency medical transportation services transport individuals with health conditions or injuries that does not pose an immediate threat and are scheduled in advance to transport the patient to and from appointments.

History of the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

The first documented wheelchair was build in in 1595 A.D. Spain when a Flemish Nobleman built one for King Phillip II. The king was walking very difficulty and was in need for an easier method of transportation, with other people's help. Only in 1665, Stephen Farfler, a 22-year-old paraplegic watchmaker built himself an invention that consisted of cranks and cogwheels to propel himself using his own power. A more modern wheelchair, nevertheless.

History of the Wheelchair

The first documented wheelchair was invented in 1595 for Phillip II of Spain, during German Renaissance, who in his later years suffered from such severe gout and was walking with difficulty. It is possible that the wheelchairs were in existence, in one form or another, long before this.

The History of Medical Transportation

Greeks and Romans used Medical Transportation in Antiquity The Romans invented battlefield surgery, and it saved countless lives in their history full with wars. Ancient Roman surgical practices developed from Greek techniques, with Roman surgeons and doctors usually learning through apprenticeships or studying. Surgery was performed at military hospitals (valetudinarius) located inside a fort (castellum) or camp (castra). In order to operate on wounded soldiers, the surgeons used chariots to remove those in need.

Non-emergency ambulatory transportation in Phoenix Metropolitan Area

True to Care is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company operating 24/7 in Maricopa County and all over the valley fully licensed and insured. Are you planning a medical transport or do you need to go to an appointment? Do you want it coordinated quickly? Then simply Call us or Book a ride through this website.

Non-emergency medical transportation in greater Phoenix area

True to care NEMT services provide transportation to or from the following destinations, among others: Adult daycare, Outpatient care, Dialysis or Rehabilitation centers, Senior home facilities, Dentist offices, Treatment centers for chemotherapy.

Wheelchair Transportation Abrazo Medical Group AZ

Getting to hospital or a clinic can be difficult when you don't drive or can't get a ride - transportation is an extremely important policy issue for those with disabilities. Getting home after hospital discharge is also an important problem. The Abrazo Medical Group medical facilities were we transport you to and from are: Arizona Heart Hospital, Central Campus, West Campus, Arrowhead Campus, Scottsdale Campus.

Wheelchair Transportation HonorHealth of Arizona

The medical facilities were we transport you to and from are: Deer Valley Medical Center, John C. Lincoln Medical Center, Osborn Medical Center, Shea Medical Center, Thompson Peak Medical Center., Sonoran Health and Emergency Center.

Wheelchair Transportation Banner Health Centers AZ

True to Care provides comfortable and caring non-emergency medical transportation for any individuals who are stretcher or wheelchair-bound. Our competent and compassionate team of transport specialists ensure patients receive a seamlessly safe ride whether the trip is to or from a healthcare facility or home.

Wheelchair Transportation Mayo Clinic AZ

True to Care is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company operating 24/7 in Maricopa County and all over the valley fully licensed and insured, and we transport patients to their appointment with the medical providers in the Mayo Clinic and back home when the consultations are finished.